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  HUARAZ "The city of the snow- capped peaks"

Huaraz is in the heart of Callejon de Huaylas valley. It is the capital of the Ancash department, and the city which is the starting point for marvelous trips through traditional Andean towns, crystal clear lakes and lagoons, imposing snow-capped mountains, important archeological monuments and, of course ideal places to practice adventure sports.

Those who love mountain climbing, trekking (the most popular are Huayhuash and Llanganuco Santa Cruz), high mountain skiing, river rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing and others sports, gather here to begin the adventure of getting to know some of the most magnificent natural scenery in the Americas and, indeed, in the world.


  In order to protect the natural wealth and biodiversity of the region, the Huascaran National Park was created in 1975, its 340,000 Hs cover almost the entire Cordillera Blanca Range; Its attractions include glaciers, lagoons, and hot spring. There is an impressive variety of plant species, like Puyas Raimondi, quishuar, Quenual, etc which are typical of this park.

This is one of the favorite habitats for Condors, white-tailed deer, guemals, vicuñas, Pumas, vizcachas, Andean cats, and foxes. UNESCO has declared the park national heritage of Mankind.


  A dry and pleasant climate and impressive blue skies are the norm in Huaraz, which is located at an altitude of 3091 m.

The region has two well defined seasons: from May to October is the dry season, and ideal time for tourism; while November marks the beginning of the ray season which last until April. The average temperature during the day is 18 Celsius with a tendency to cool off at night.

Huaraz can be reached by road, living Lima by the North Panamerican highway, until reaching the Pativilca turn (202 km from Lima) where the climb to Huaraz begins, leaving in Paramonga (km 210) the Panamerican Highway, passing Conococha Lake - the highest point of the trip (4080m) and the gate to the Callejon de Huaylas, the trip takes nearly 7 hours (404km) on a paved road, with excellent bus service from Lima (day and night departures) One way cost per person is around S./ 35-100 soles.
Also there are two alternatives routes to reach Huaraz:

By Lima – Pativilca -Casma – Callan Punta – Huaraz (524km),
Lima Pativilca – Santa – Huallanca (Pato canion) – Caraz – Huaraz (720km).

There are daily flights arrive at the Anta airport 25 km north of Huaraz.

We can arrange bus tickets, private transportation (private vehicle or mini-bus) and flight tickets with advance notice.
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